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Who is dating who?

Welcome to who is dating who? This website is jam packed with all the celebrity gossip of who is dating, cheating, marrying and divorcing. All the news is either in our huge selection of blogs or one of our 1000s of online videos. This really is your top spot to get all the information.

You can also date new people yourself. We provide dating many countries including: America, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Just sign up for free and review all the matches and people online right now. If you like someone you can send them a wink. This is a very easy way to test the water, if they wink back then you may have just found yourself a super hot date.

When you join our dating site please spend the time to generate a high quality profile and upload a picture of yourself. You will get a much better response rate to winks and messages if you include a really great photo. Remember to tell people about yourself and include information on the person you would like to meet and date. Many people are very lazy when it comes to their dating profiles. If you spend the time you will be far ahead of all the other people and therefore get a lot more attention! So make the most of it. A few hours now will result it many more hours of dating.


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